Monday, September 8, 2008

Mr. Moderation

What is up ...
with Goleta these days.. is the city council playing musical chairs? First the NewsPress endorses, then denounces, then endorses, then denounces...first there's not enough growth, then there's too much..ex-council members are running again..maybe Goletans will get to the bottom of it on Wednesday when the current crop of candidates debate. The two moderators will be Gary Earle, and if that isn't funny enough, Travis Armstrong! If Travis knew how to moderate, he would not have tried to drive on the city streets in the wee hours tanked up on booze a few years ago..maybe he'll show everyone how sobriety can change a person, although he has become more sarcastic without the Jack Daniels! But the NewsPress supports her employees unconditionally (some of them, anyways!!)

California Girls

Anyway, I won't be in Goleta on Wednesday, Sept 10 7PM at the Goleta Valley Community Center...5679 Hollister..I'll be watching beloved super crazy music genuis Brian Wilson at the Lobero...."harmony is always better than cacophony" said the beautiful Mother Cabrini


Lousy reporting... said...

So the Goleta Valley Voice covers the debate and in the story tells readers that the debate was co-sponsored by the News-Press.

Does the Voice tell readers that it is also owned and published by Wendy McCaw, who owns the News-Press?


And does the Voice tell readers that one of the moderators is Travis Armstrong, editorial page editor of the N-P.

Yes, but not until you get to the end of the story. If you even got that far.

Travis Armstrong is -- whether we like it or not -- an important public figure on the South Coast.

The fact that he was co-moderator of the debate should have been far up in the story, not at the end.

Mick said...

I agree Travis is a flea is important to a dog! Speaking of Wendy's attempted media monopoly (except blogs), that might be a good thing to investigate...I'm on it!