Thursday, September 11, 2008

every picture sells a story..

don't it??

There's two types of people who read the newspress ones like me and morons who think Dr. Laura is a real psychologist... I read it for entertainment, the dummies read it for information...this post is for the dummies.

the question is..are the full page ads with giant pictures of Teamster guys causing some of the unbalanced News-Press readers to attack the guys handing out the balloons?
the New-Press labor violations are shameful enough, now they are taking out full page ads in their own paper telling their mentally challenged readership to beat up the union guys! Of course, the message is lipstick on a pitbull or panties on a pig, but I'm afraid Wendy's flock may actually believe she's clean and go out do her dirty work! Instead of recognizing her paper has unionized, she continues canoeing down da Nile and using her divorce money to destroy her own paper and bust the union..what a friggin' brilliant business plan!
The reason Wendy doesn't get the working class is because she belongs to the wealthy criminal class...the ex-wives club who looted their rich husbands bank accounts.

Wendy, if you can hear me (pretend I'm holding a bullhorn): Cease and Desist! Cease and Desist! Your ads are causing possible criminal subliminal behavior. One of your readers has already allegedly (means he did it) accosted a union guy for standing on a corner at Home Improvement Center. It's getting scary out there on the streets of Santa's like the Night of the Living Dead zombies are pouring out of De La Guerra Plaza like little Travis clones attacking the Teamsters..who's next..homeless? journalists? city council members? non-foodies? retirees? bloggers???
Geez Wendy..GET A JOB!


I wonder... said... her entire life, I wonder, has Wendy McCaw ever said:

"I'm sorry. I made a mistake."

Somehow, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

She might as well be married to that other infallible leader who can't think of any mistakes he's made. . . Dubya. Just about as brilliant a leader, too.

Mick said...

I haven't seen anymore ya think they read this blog? Wendy, are you getting the vibe, babe?