Friday, October 3, 2008

Avocados and Indians

Ahau' everybody...

I love's the only place that hasn't been paved over with development due to a strong agricultural history, from the lima bean fields on Santa Claus Lane in the 1950s to the greenhouses in the hills to the avocado is a great place to hang out...and there's are plenty of mini-controversies to keep us happy..councilman Joe Armendariz drunken car crash while speeding thru the windy Montecito hills; Joe's cleaned up his act and now drives a shiny new Mercedes! The stars have moved in too, although I will try to make life difficult for them if they sully our good name. Rob Lowe and Arnold are on probation. I've teamed with a few like minded individuals and formed the "Carpinteria Alliance" to keep our town, not that I even live here, from turning into Goleta!
This weekend the CARPINTERIA AVOCADO FESTIVAL will take place...that's the original name until some outsiders changed it to the CALIFORNIA AVOCADO FESTIVAL...these dickheads will pay for diluting our little party. Anyway, it's a good old fashioned festival so come on down and if you see some ugly fuck with a cheapo camera, it's just me!
The ongoing controversy that keeps us all happy is the high school mascot issue..which is growing far beyond anyone's expectations...pitting neighbor against neighbor, wars of words, battle cries and intrigue that now involves the Board of Supervisors office, according to my soul sisters at
Of course, it will all work out to everyone's satisfaction. Iris Dement once sang: "I can see the sun setting down on our town, our town, goodnight"...If it starts to set on Carpinteria, I may have to step in and clean house....


spitfire squid said...

Hey... Goleta's not so bad.

Lotsa parks and open space, inexpensive restaurants, people are friendly, and I don't get charged an arm and a leg just for the basics.

Wait a minute... I don't have an arm and a leg.


Mick said...

Squid, I'm kidding about Goleta...I used to live there and enjoyed every single co-ed I ever bumped into!