Friday, October 10, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Travis..where you at, buddy??

How long has it been since we've heard from editorial here and there, but mostly a terse note on the editorial page: daily editorials will resume next week.but will they? I've seen this note many times in the last few appears Travis ducked out after the KEYT video aired..where'd he go..back to rehab? I said NO NO NO...back to Zona Seca? NO NO NO.. did he get married before the prop 8 vote and now he and he are on their honeymoon?

Did Wendy and Nipper decide to muzzle their boy for awhile? Are they starting to act like responsible business owners? DO they see the writing on the men's room wall "for a good time, call 1-800-TRAVIS"..or maybe, just maybe he is REALLY going to clean up all the dirty politicians in Santa Barbara a la Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver"!

With Travis gone, who is watching the newsroom? Michelle Malkin? Look at her..she keeps trying to tell me she's a conservative American but I'd tell her to keep away from John McCain because she looks Vietnamese, something that could have gotten her shot 40 years ago...

Front page: the California Lottery has cooked up a scheme to attract more suckers. Here's the deal: a Santa Barbara Gas station is teaming with the California Lottery to promote a "scam the public" event. All you have to do is buy $10 worth of lottery tickets and you get a $50 gas card...the deal was limited to 200 people. Some drove down from Santa Maria in SUVs! Where did all these stupid people come from..not my family tree! Probably yours!
The NewsPress was complicit in this scheme by announcing the station's location on Tuesday.

Sports Section..I read it in 4 seconds!

Then we had more whale stories... and.... Dr. Laura's back (!!) from her cruise and immediately tried to tie together Oprah Winfrey, death and feminism at UCSB in a wordy nonsensical column!
WTF do I read this paper for?

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