Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday's Sermon...

are you hung over and puking you guts out? GOOD!! you can thank Debra Saunders...

she's a conservative columnist with some sage advice for young people..a tit full of tequila is good for teens!
"At age 18, an American can enlist in the military, vote, sign a contract, get married, have an operation — hey, in California, a 14-year-old can have an abortion without telling her parents — but he cannot buy a beer. Not legally, anyway.
How can we trust 18-year-olds to vote or run for office, but not to legally buy a beer?"
Now, how can she logically tie drinking to voting, enlisting or getting a married? She can't cos she's a dope!

The message she should be sending to teenagers is: Question your leaders, followers, educators, parents, and yourselves to create your own code to live by..not easy but well worth the effort. In order to do this, you need a clear head. Schools should be teaching drug and alcohol theory.. If you have inclinations to follow some famous folks down the drugs and alcohol use and abuse road, fight it, duck it, and keep moving. Keep your eyes open for the ways this culture tries to hook, wine-tasting rooms, lame traditions passed down from college.. then start to evaluate what it is they are asking you to do.....poison yourself!

Why do people like booze? Some folk will tell you that it's because drink tastes terribly nice - particularly to a person who's 'into' fine wines or (maybe) Real Ale.
But the actual reason why the grog is so fantastically popular is because it's a DRUG - and a very agreeable one. It's the effect of alcohol on the brain that makes it so pleasant.
What does it do to the brain? Well, you may have heard that it's a 'stimulant'. In fact, that's totally untrue. Booze is actually a DEPRESSANT or SEDATIVE of brain function - very like the general anaesthetics which are given to people when they're having surgery.
So if it's a depressant, why does it make you feel jolly? Simply because it begins by depressing the parts of the brain which is responsible for RESTRAINT and INHIBITION. Once these are 'damped down', you start to feel uninhibited and free-and-easy. You're much more likely to laugh, and joke, and dance - or even do something slightly silly!
But if you have a bit more booze, then the drug starts depressing the bits of your brain which deal with co-ordination and speech.
And if you have quite a bit more, then sadly the alcohol will depress your brain so much that you end up unconscious - or even dead.
MYTH: if used in moderation alcohol is jolly good for cheering people up, and for easing the social wheels - particularly over the Christmas / New Year holidays. Depressants don't "cheer you up".
Unfortunately, alcohol is addictive.
And alas, regular drinking of substantial quantities of booze can very easily damage your liver, your heart, your brain, and other organs. Among the biggest threats is cirrhosis of the liver - which (quite honestly) is a pretty awful illness to suffer from.

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