Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time to Flush....

the Brown Act...

It seems every time I turn around, someone is suing a city council for violating the Brown Act,which started out as an open meeting law, but has been severely misinterpreted so as to violate free speech...anti government folks love to use it to accuse councils of talking or meeting behind their backs. The NewsPress sued the city of SB because some members of some committee had lunch together and may have talked about certain things related to De La Guerra Plaza.. the main target was David Pritchett, a Wendy antagonist..that's why psycho Wendy sued! The city's records are open to anyone who has the energy to walk through city hall doors and ask..the City settled the case and admitted a judge could misconstrue the lunch as a meeting violation, and didn't want to spend money on court costs..upon hearing the news, the NewsPress claimed victory.. TO ALL CITY COMMITTEE MEMBERS: NO TALKING AT LUNCH!
"The Brown Act, the section of state law which governs how government agencies hold public meetings, states that no more than two council members can gather together outside of a scheduled meeting. Three or more council members at the same meeting would constitute a voting majority and is not allowed under the law except when the event is previously placed on a public agenda or under special circumstances."
So if I get elected, I can't meet with three members of the council or it is considered a violation...what if we all have to use the restroom at the same that a violation of the Brown Act....when are we going to start reducing the anal laws and go back to the Constitution as means of governing our state and country?
or maybe all council members and city employees should wear a web cam..we can keep tabs on them 24/7!
It's obvious the Brown Act needs rewriting because it inhibits communication among people...
Hey man, I lost my boat..

The Daily Sound had story about Craig McCaw..seems Craig's boat is missing from it's mooring at Santa Barbara Harbor...Officers said McCaw received a call from someone telling him his boat is gone..then Craig went to take a look and confirmed to the cops it was that's a mystery but I'll be on the lookout and maybe get a big fat reward...I think Dr. Laura stole it...she's always gabbing about regattas and hangs out at the Harbor and works for Wendy..yeah, definitely an inside job! I'll find out why your boat "went missing" Craig, or maybe it's not really many joints do smoke a day, dude??

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