Thursday, October 16, 2008

WTF is Joe the Plumber??

he's my boss!

You need to know how to talk like a plumber if McCain gets's some help..

landscape irrigation lines are made of schedule 40 pvc..use schedule 80 in heavier duty situations...schedule 80 is also good for transporting liquid Cl2 ( industrial bleach)

when you flush your toilet, where does the doo doo go go? if you live in the hills it goes to a septic tank..if you're civilized it goes to the local wastewater treatment plant

did plumbers start the hip-hop trend of wearing pants below the ass crack? You betcha!
what is normal city water pressure? usually 120 psi..

What's psi? pounds per square inch

what is a pressure regulator? a device that regulates water pressure into your house..usually set at 60 psi

what is a water hammer? a pressure surge in a pipe that can do a lot of damage..that's why you should always close valves slowly..

plumbing terms

Bottoms Up!


My next career? said...

So what do plumbers earn in Santa Barbara -- both union and nonunion?

Mick said...

anybody know? I don't but I can guess..I paid a guy $300 to buy and install a new toilet..the john cost about $150, it took an hour or so to do the job, so by my math, he made about $ 150 per hour!