Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dirty Little Wars....

Wendy and Nipper, REPENT ..you little sluts...you spread lies like a communicable disease. Here's some penicillin..

Wendy has joined the Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch's rag) in fretting about a "liberal takeover" of America..all things conservative like the precious freedoms to break labor laws, destroy businesses, steal from the poor, abuse and harass employees, running private business with no ethical standards.. all these rights are in jeopardy! Her latest hissy fit is over unions and the secret ballot...workers have a right to unionize..whether they vote or sign a petition is not a big deal...the problem arises when the workplace becomes represented by a union, some workers don't want to join for political reasons.. it happened where I worked...the union was fully involved in negotiating a contract with management every few years...representatives from both sides sat at the table and hammered it out...I paid dues for this, while some workers didn't like unions and refused to pay dues. However, when the contract was approved, my anti-union pals were more than happy to accept pay and benefit increases that I helped pay for with my dues!
How Is AIG Spending Its $85Billion?
AIG sent salespeople on a lavish luxury retreat at the same time it was getting billions in government aid. The retreat at the St. Regis resort in Monarch Beach, Calif., cost AIG $440,000 and came right after it received a $85 billion line of credit. Even worse, it planned another lavish retreat soon after. But when the press caught wind of that one, it was soon cancelled.
The wild goose chase to kill terrorists anywhere in the middle east continues..Bush sanctioned the recent bombing in Syria which killed four children...for that alone he should be arrested..this guy is dickless and brainless...

You neo-conservatives are on notice...this election will crush your sorry asses like a ton of bricks....then I'm coming to get you..
with fire and brimstone!!

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