Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a Kookie Little Paradise...

click the *kookie!

Ya know, I was just thinking..well, not thinking really, more reflecting. Aren't we all lucky to live in the Santa Barbara area? It's beautiful..the mountains, the ocean, the fish, the big houses, the pretty people, the gangs, the foodies, the homeless, the well heeled and deranged..we got it all!
and look at our celebs! A- Listers all! We got Brad Hall. His dad was a preacher in Montecito at the church by the Miramar that says "bide a wee and pray"..I went to school with his sisters (one's name is Julia, like his wife...hmmm) who were pretty blondes and a little weird..real religious and pious, like Brad..Brad gave us a movie "Must Love Dogs".. a bonefide riveting classic..and then there's his wife Elaine (Julia Louis Dreyfus) who went from Seinfeld to sitting on the Heal the Ocean board of something.. although she knows nothing about water, she's got a winning smile! Then there's Hillary..the Heal the Ocean king..sorry, but she looks like a guy I know..she gets a lot of money from some of you doing tests on water quality that you already pay for with your taxes!
and Dennis Miller..a joke-cracker-failed -game -show host with no discernable talent who knows a lot about a little and is a FOX NEWS/Bill O'Reilly/Iraq occupation pimp.. are these the people you want peddling influence around the city like some expensive hookers?
Well, why not? Someone has to come in and shake up the apple cart! Why not an actress, a director and a washed up comedian! These celeb folks know more about our local water quality and planning issues than the professionals who actually work in the field..and they just do by virtue of..of..of..well, they just do.
I'm proud of them for sharing this California space with me..with all our problems, it is still a great place to live and comforting to know we've got such smart entertainers protecting our kooky little paradise...

*(sung by heroine Jo Ann Campbell)


I wonder... said...

...what celeb-list Brian Ehler is on and what his impact as a member on some of these boards and foundations would be if he were to serve.


Mick said...

I don't think Mr. Ehler would ever serve on a board that would have him as a member!