Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Woman has Food Orgasm!!

I am the eggman, they are they eggmen, I am an oyster...coocoocachoo

A poster named Christine at Nippers.com gets juiced up over food at the Harbor Festival!
here's some quotes:

"So excited!
"I already know exactly where I am going first, second and third....Bbq'd albacore, then oysters, then uni, then chowder- rest, check out boats, then going for the crab boat."
"Lord help me!"
"Make me jealous. I love fish, esp. shellfish. Insert boat ride"
"It was exquisite- a tad bit windy- but if you were there last year- it was so damn HOT, that wind was a better choice.
First off- oysters- fat and juicy- almost hard to eat because they were so, well the word girthy works for me...the tied to the tent bottle of Tampatio was great. 2 for $4.00.
Next was a smaller than last year cup of $2.00 Brophys chowder. Delicious, and chock full of oyster and other bits, perfectly cubed potatoes. It ain't good until you are wearing this stuff."
WOW! dinner at 8 babe?

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