Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who am I...

and what am I doing here?

Politics can be brutal. The insults fly from both sides. Words that the political candidates speak are used like swords to cut their own throats. Each side is ready to pounce on and devour any little action they can exploit. Even if it means twisting the truth.Admiral James Stockdale asked in the 1992 Vice Presidential debate, Who am I? What am I doing here? I watched John McCain at the last debate as he wandered around the stage like a confused old man, and I thought of the admiral...this does not bode well for McCain.....he has claimed to be a Teddy Roosevelt Republican..if he was, I 'd vote for him. But he is not...and Obama is too stiff..he needs to loosen up and to swing back at MCain and politics it is ok to hit women..if someone called me a terrorist I'd smack 'em! Tonight's debate Obama should go right over to McCain and smack him upside the head..

Now some of you out there may think I'm a peon, another idiot taking potshots at people and hiding behind a computer screen..I yam wut I yam..but I'd wager to say I'm a better American than you..I practice free speech more vigorously than any local blog I've know why? Because the other guys are hung up on manners and society's rules and other people's feelings.
Not me... I'm a true American..a Roosevelt American ..and who among the bloggers in SB could get city council candidates to come over for pizza and politics...that's why you should vote for me..

or else Satan or Saturn or some other bad dude will eat your children....

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