Saturday, October 18, 2008


you're starting to annoy me...your head looks like a big.. pumpkin!

Citizens Planning Association Executive director and Elaine look-a-like Naomi Kovacs now says she's going to appeal the Miramar to the Board of Supevisors... Naomi..drop it, forget about it, go ride a bike, go have some sex, have a some damn thing!

Citizens Planning Association wants your slow down development, but all these groups opposing the Miramar, from the NewsPress to the actresses, have one thing in common..a victim in being victimized by the big mean Los Angeles developer...

You can't go to their website without getting hit for some cash..
Donate Online Today!
Make a contribution to Citizens Planning Foundation or Association. Just click on the appropriate link below! Donations made to CPF (a 501c3) are tax deductible as allowed by law and help fund our education and outreach efforts. While donations to CPA (a 501c4) are not tax dedutible, they are vital to further our advocay work. blah blah blah

Advocacy Work??..who are they trying to kid? ME??? Look at a little history before I get hysterical! A few members of the CPA like former council member Gerry Dewitt and Mayor Lodge helped open the flood gates to growth by voting for state water and the defunct desal plant in Santa Barbara. Now this group seems to be wholly focused on preventing the Miramar project from going forward. The CPA needs to stick to real threats of growth, like state mandated housing, over-development at the beach, excessive and wasteful water use, protecting agriculture, stopping eminent domain abuse and quit worrying about a relatively small project like the Miramar...FILL IN THE HOLE!!

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