Monday, October 13, 2008

Unendorsing NewsPress Endorsements..

Breaking News!! officially unendorses Santa Barbara News-Press political endorsements!

Why would anyone care what the News-Press endorses? Who do they think they are..special beings blessed with superior intelligence, telling you how to vote because you're too stupid to figure it out for yourself? Well..maybe you that's where blogs come in! I'll tell you how to vote and you'll like it!

Measure E/City of Buellton..NewsPress says's good for citizens to take things into their own hands when the city council displeases them. The measure lets citizens vote before a city can expand its borders.. I say NO..just write it into the general plan or vote for slow growthers...Measure E is totally unnecessary!

Measure F/ a counter to Measure E! What is up with the folks in Buellton? Pea soup on the brain? NewsPress says NO..I say YES!

Proposition 8..what's the NewsPress say? I dunno! Are they going to support gay marriage when Dr. Laura tries to sell the traditional family values? What a fix they are in withTravis being gay! I say NO on Propostion not write discrimination into our California constitution...marriage is a weird institution anyway..why shouldn't lesbians profit like Wendy did??

Proposition 2..improving the lives of mean like: stroking the chicken lovingly before you whack his head against a rock? News-Press says YES...I say NO.

Measure G (City of Santa Barbara)..a cell phone tax...gee, I wonder why Wendy opposes that given all her divorce money was from cell phone stocks! This is a way to give some of her ill-gotten gains back to the people! God Almighty..I love America!!

Propositon 11..there is no such thing as fair redistricting..leave things alone. This is an attempt by rightwingers to spread their evil more uniformly thruout California... NewsPress says YES..I say NO

see? I'm here to help!

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