Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rate the Stars!

oooh...a celebrity!

We are so fortunate to have so many famous people living or who have lived among us. I thought it would be fun to rate them..give them a report card..."A" students or flunkies?

Ione Skye..I don't know where she lives..but she's a good actress and Sunshine Superman's daughter..A

Dennis Miller/Montecito...LOSER! Bush flunkie, can't hold down a steady job as a game show host or sports show host or a dog walker, but very witty... D

Carol Burnett/Montecito..a comedy legend..loved her in "Annie"..B

Sean Hannity..used to live in Santa Barbara..Hannity's weekly show on KCSB was canceled after less than a year when management charged him with "discriminating against gays and lesbians."
Sean Hannity, Fox news anchor known for his right wing bias, has the professional qualifications of a ..well..a chihuahua. After getting his high school diploma in 1980, young Sean went on to study journalism as a bartender in Santa Barbara, California. After mastering both the Midori Hopper AND the Godiva Peppermint Kiss, he studied at the Rocco cement company doing odd jobs in construction. HE THEN WENT ON TO FOX NEWS.and he's been sucking Rupert Murdoch's dick ever since..In 2005, Jerry Falwell, chancellor of Liberty University awarded him an honorary degree...F+

Kevin Costner/Padaro Lane..well... what would you do if a pretty girl was massaging you?? Whip it out!! Open Range and The Postman were good..B-
Julia Louis Dreyfuss.. she's like a tick burrowing into my arm! Elaine was funny...C

Ellen...sometimes here sometimes not..she's a-ok! B

Alan Thicke/Carpinteria..get outta town! F

Dr. Laura/Santa Barbara...was-not has-been super nova loser...F-

Arnold/Carpinteria..bad governor, bad actor, walks like Frankenstein..D

Joe Walsh.used to live on Buena Vista in Montecito..plays a mean slide..good ol' Joe..I used to deliver his morning paper years and years ago! B

Burl Ives..used to live on Buena Vista in Montecito..old folkie..I used to deliver his morning paper years and years ago! B

Rob Lowe/Padaro Lane..super nitwit perv/brat/punk and Wendy McCaw's friend! Whipped it out around babysitter! D-

Robert Mitchum..long time dead but a Montecito resident... Thunder Road; Heaven Knows Mr. Allison..great mojo! A-

Olive Carey/Carpinteria... great B Western actress, wife of western great Harry Carey, Sr..lived in Carpinteria on the ranch until she died...then I rented her little pink bungalow for a few years and ghosts were everywhere...A+

now, I vant to be alone....

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