Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bush Appoints Terrorist!!

to oversee destruction of American financial markets!

After the gov't bailed out Wall Street on the backs of taxpayers, the Bush folks appointed a terrorist to complete another 9/11..instead of using planes to kill Americans, they are using Bush policies. These policies have been supported by every right wing lunatic who failed to call out Bush when he fucked up..instead they made excuses and tried to protect him. The majority of politicians have failed to see that the guilty must pay, not be payed off!
From the Iraq invasion to Katrina to Wall Street..the exploiticians and neocon cheerleaders have held hands with George Bush while he tried to DESTROY America..and he keeps trying. It is unpatriotic and anti-American not to call out our leaders when they fail at their appointed duties!
Did Obama hang out with terrorists? Did Palin hang with a witch doctor? Sure, but George Bush and Dick cheney ARE terrorists..they are so wrapped up wasting money chasing ghosts in Iraq, they have become the metaphor for that which they seek to destroy: the axis of evil! Next time you vote..THINK!

vote, n. the instrument and symbol of a freeman's power to make a fool himself and a wreck of his country..A.B.

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